Hi. I'm Valia. I am the person behind Vallistic.
I am a hoarder of colorful fabric and fibres, I love my sewing machine and my crochet hooks,
the sun and the beach, a glass of wine (or two....) and all things cute and colorful.
I can't imagine living without creating. I have always been creative and years ago I decided to start my own small brand of handmade jewelry, bags and home decor. Recently I became a mum and I was inspired to start my own colorful line of baby gear.
Vallistic and Vallistic Coo Pepe are one of a kind collections of items
created by me in my home studio using carefully picked quality textiles and
yarns. They can be custom made and yarn colors and fabrics are
interchangeable between the designs according to personal preferences.
This is a chance for me to show you around my colorful world and my ideas. Let's see how it goes....